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Gustave Doré. Dante gazes at Beatrice. 'Again mine eyes were fix'd on Beatrice/ And, with mine eyes, my soul that in her looks/ Found all contentment.' Par. XXI. 1-3.
Source: Dante Alighieri, Henry Francis Cary, and Gustave Doré. Purgatory and Paradise. new ed. New York: Cassell & company, limited, 1883.




Curator's Welcome

Welcome to Dante's Illustrated Adventure.  This online exhibit highlights several illustrated editions of the Divine Comedy owned by Falvey Memorial Library, Special Collections.

Dante Alighieri’s (1265 – 1321) epic journey to the other side has captured the imagination of readers for the past seven hundred years, and has inspired countless artists and painters from the Middle Ages to the present.  Dante’s Illustrated Adventure explores the Poet’s pilgrimage through the Otherworld as it is told through the eyes of Sandro Botticelli, John Flaxman, and Gustave Doré. The online exhibit provides visitors with a brief biographical account of the Poet and guides them through the major themes of the Divine Comedy. On this site visitors can travel alongside Dante through hell as he meets sinners, gruesome monsters, and Satan himself.  


Curated by Diane Biunno, Ph.D.  Special thanks to Father Peter Donohue for the video presentation, to Professor Gaetano Pastore and Professor Celeste Mann for the audio recordings, to Joanne Quinn for providing the graphics, to David Lacy and David Uspal for the Technical Support, and to Laura Bang and Michael Foight for their guidance and advice.