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Blueprints of Villanova University Libraries
Archived Exhibits


                              Villanova’s Library, Blueprints
                              Henry D. Dagit & Sons, Architects. June 30, 1947
                             (Courtesy of the University Archives)

       Falvey Memorial Library, Publication Drawings
       Dagit Associates (First Floor). October 9, 1968
       (Courtesy of the University Archives)

Falvey Memorial Library, Feasibility Study
Diseroad & Wolff Inc., Architects. January 21, 1993
(Courtesy of the University Archives)

Villanova’s library has a rich history on paper. Blueprints, feasibility studies, and non-professional drawings make up some of the ways that the administration has tried to conceptualize and re-imagine the library as a building. Here one can see blueprints from the two major building campaigns that were undertaken by the University. However, numerous other plans never made it off the drawing board, such as the 1993 Feasibility Study.