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The Beginning, Part One: The Library Before 1949
Archived Exhibits

falvey_BC2_5525WM_small.jpgVillanova College Library, Reading Room
Alumni Hall, 1894
(Courtesy of the University Archives)

Benefactors of the Monastery Library
(Special Collections, Falvey Memorial Library)


falvey_BC2_5526WM_small.jpgOld Villanova College Library
Austin Hall, 1924-1949
(Courtesy of the University Archives)

Library Catalog

1928-1933, 7 v.
(Special Collections, Falvey Memorial Library)

            falvey_BC2_5530_small.JPG    falvey_BC2_5531_small.JPG     falvey_BC2_5537_small.JPG     falvey_BC2_5538_small.JPG

These catalogs were used to find books in the library by first choosing a subject, Profane History for example, then by browsing that section for an author or title.

Photographs of Conceptual Drawings for Villanova’s Library
c. 1930s
Alfred Panepinto, Architect, (Class of 1927)
(Courtesy of the University Archives)

               falvey_BC2_5527WM_small.jpg   falvey_BC2_5528WM_small.jpg  falvey_BC2_5529WM_small.jpg

These three photographs of conceptual drawings (c. 1930s) show what Villanova’s library might have looked like if it had been built by the architectural firm of Alfred Panepinto (Class of 1927). These designs were ultimately rejected in favor of plans from the firm of Henry D. Dagit & Sons who built the Villanova College Library (1949) and the 1968 addition to the library.

These two photographs show the exhibition as it looked when it was on display from May 19, 2006 to September 15, 2006