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Rules & Regulations
Archived Exhibits

falvey_BC2_5516WM_small.JPGRegulations of the College Library of St. Thomas, Villanova
c. 1840
(Courtesy of the University Archives)

Villanova College Library, General Instructions for Student Assistants
c. 1940
(Courtesy of the University Archives)

Villanova University Students’ Handbook. 1964-1965
(Special Collections, Falvey Memorial Library)

                               falvey_BC2_5519_small.JPG falvey_BC2_5519_small.JPG falvey_BC2_5520_small.JPG

Library Beckons; Use It
Russell Dodge. Villanovan, Feb. 10, 1960

Counterpoint: Open the Library Stacks?
Jim Merikangas. Villanovan, March 10, 1960


Plan for Halting Library Thievery
Bruce Sturm. Villanovan, March 23, 1960

These three articles address the debate raging during the 1959-1960 academic year as to whether the main stacks at Villanova should or should not be open to the student body. In time, those who encouraged the stacks to be opened to the student body were the victors, as well as the future generations of Villanovans who were able to freely browse the shelves looking for books of interest.

Silence Sign
In use: 1968-2000
(Courtesy of Michael Foight, Falvey Memorial Library)


This sign hung on the wall of the first floor of the library. It reminded students that the library was to be a place of silent study. This signage remained in place until the year 2000.