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Collection Growth: 1880-Present
Archived Exhibits

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Receipt, D. J. Gallagher, Printer
May 14, 1881
(Courtesy of the University Archives)        falvey_BC2_5603WM_small.jpg

Receipt, Leary & Co., Edwin S. Stuart
February 19, 1880
(Courtesy of the University Archives)      falvey_BC2_5602WM_small.jpg

These two receipts made out to the Rev. Middleton, Villanova’s first librarian, show some of the earliest purchases of books (Leary & Co.) and binding (Gallagher) paid for by the college. Travels in Central America, seen below, is one of the books purchased on the Leary & Co. receipt and has become part of Falvey’s Special Collections.

Squier, Ephraim G. Travels in Central America: Particularly in Nicaragua; with a Description of its Aboriginal Monuments, Scenery and People, Their Languages, Institutions, Religion, etc. …
New York: D. Appleton & Co., 1853
(Special Collections, Falvey Memorial Library)

                                           falvey_BC2_5608_small.JPG  falvey_PICT0604ps_small.jpg

falvey_BC2_5599WM_small.jpgVillanova Library Report
June 20, 1910
(Courtesy of the University Archives)

Villanova College, Students’ Handbook. 1933-1934
(Special Collections, Falvey Memorial Library)

Collection of “upward of 35,000 books” located in Austin Hall.

Monthly Report to the President on the Library
November 1951  
(Courtesy of the University Archives)

                                                                     falvey_BC2_5606WM_small.jpg          falvey_BC2_5604WM_small.jpg
This letter outlines library use by comparing circulation records for October and November in two different years. Notice that there is concern expressed over the under utilization of the library by students.

Photograph of Library Circulation Desk
February 1962
(Courtesy of the University Archives)          falvey_BC2_5595WM_small.jpg

Photograph of Students at Front Desk
February 9, 1970
(Courtesy of the University Archives)         falvey_BC2_5596WM_small.jpg

Invitation to Celebrate the Addition of the 500,000th Volume
December 9, 1983
(Courtesy of the University Archives)        falvey_BC2_5597WM_small.jpg

Villanova Library’s 500,000th Volume
Suburban and Wayne Times. January 5, 1984
(Courtesy of the University Archives)       falvey_BC2_5601WM_small.jpg

Villanova University Students’ Handbook. 1992-1993
(Special Collections, Falvey Memorial Library)
The library’s holdings exceed 600,000 volumes.


For the academic year 2005-06 the Library reported:

820,000 library web site sessions logged
808,000 library database searches performed
425,000 e-journal articles accessed
107,000 books circulated
22,000 quick-help questions addressed by Information Desk staff members
10,000 interlibrary loans delivered to Villanovans
5000 research questions addressed by reference librarians
4400 laptop loans
3600 after-hours entries to the 24-hour study
2400 group study room uses
761,600 book volumes
12,000 current serials

The library maintains over eight miles of main stacks shelving