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The Addition to the Original Villanova Library, Now Known as Falvey Memorial Library
Archived Exhibits

Transcript of Meeting Discussing the Addition to the Library
c. 1966. John H. McDonnell, O.S.A.
(Courtesy of the University Archives)

           falvey_BC2_5575WM_small.jpg falvey_BC2_5576WM_small.jpg  falvey_BC2_5577WM_small.jpg

Fr. McDonnell, an Augustinian Proctor, passionately argued for a new library rather than just an addition to the present library in this document. His efforts failed and the addition was built.

You Can Influence 50,000 Students at Villanova University
Development Campaign Catalog. c. 1966
(Courtesy of the University Archives)

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Groundbreaking for the New Library Addition January 27, 1967


Pictured: Fr. Rongione (University Librarian), R. Hallowell (President of the Senior Class), and Fr. Flaherty (University President, 1965-67).  Photographed by William S. Fellner  (Courtesy of the University Archives)

Atlas – Mayflower Transportation Company  
Price Quote. February 14, 1968  
(Courtesy of the University Archives)


This document outlines the expenses to move 200,000 books from ‘Old Falvey’ into the library as we see it today. Total estimated cost: $16,296.00.

Falvey Memorial Library Dedication
November 16, 1968

This document commemorates the dedication of the current library, in honor of Fr. Daniel P. Falvey.

falvey_BC2_5571WM_small.jpgAnnual Report of the President
Villanova University, 1967-68
(Courtesy of the University Archives)

Catholic Institutional Management
March/April 1969
(Courtesy of the University Archives)

Falvey Memorial Library Directory
February 9, 1970
(Courtesy of the University Archives)