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Rodentia and 'Casual Pets'

Rodentia and 'Casual Pets'


Prisoner and his Pet Rabbit

German Prisoners in Great Britain, selection from p. 27, 1916, published by Tillotson: Bolton, UK

While some pets kept in prison may have served as a means of income, such as the chickens with their eggs, this photograph suggests a more emotional profit. The man holds his rabbit on his shoulder, pressing the creature against his head in a sign of endearment. If the positioning proves too subtle to express the affection of the owner for his pet, the man’s smile should convey the sentiment well.



Spring Chickens

Comfort, v. XXIV, no. 6, April 1912, selection from cover illustration, published by W.H. Gannett: Augusta, ME.

A young girl gathers eggs from her chickens on a rainy April day. Comfort magazine included a regular column called "Poultry Farming for Women," which appears on page 13 of the issue linked above. Although not usually cared for with the deep affection given a more traditional pet, children learned valuable skills by learning to care for animals on the farm.