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Vote! Class of 1959 Villanova Student Elections

This exhibit is a snapshot of what student elections looked like on campus over sixty years ago. The majority of the election material is from the Spring 1957 student elections for 1957-58 Junior class. The ephemera on display reveal how students campaigned, their platform ideas, and humor of the time.

All the material come from the Alumni Office records found in the Villanova University Archives.

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What is Day Hop? Day Hop was a non-resident student who either commuted or lived near campus and attended day classes full-time.

election poster exhibit title

campaign platform

The Six Point platform of the V-6

V-6 Platform List

1. Fair & All-Inclusive Representation

2. Conscientious improvement of the present freshman orientation program

3. A social program tailored for you, producing the “best” soph cotillion and soph-fresh dance Villanova has ever witnessed

4. Formation of an executive committee composed of all elected class representatives, meeting by-weekly

5. Word toward organizing a sophomore parents’ day, comparable to the junior mothers’ day and senior fathers’ day

6. Work with the class to maintain the fine spirit and school interest already shown

Campaign platform highlights the major function of the student council was organizing campus functions and social programs.










Letter to the Class of ’59

Campaign letter from T. Walker Lloyd for Secretary


Front page of Villanovan

Election Results: The Villanovan, Vol. 32. No. 23, May 10, 1957

Junior Class President: Vic Ludmerer (also went on to be Senior Class President)

Vice President: Matt Brennan

Treasurer: Bill Hixson

Secretary: Ken MacGillivray







Curated by Beaudry Rae Allen, Preservation & Digital Archivist

More information about Villanova’s history can be found in the Villanova Digital Library