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17th Century

The 17th Century

Examples of the Confessions published from 1601 to 1700. Texts that are noteworthy and/or available as full-text scans are linked separately in the navigation to the left.

1631, title page 1646, engraved title page


Confessiones S. Aurelii Augustini. In exemplum perfectae conversionis ad Deum scriptae...
Dilingae [Dillingen] : Typis Erhardi Lochner, 1631.

Confessionvm libri X. S. Avrel. Avgvstini; cum notis R. P. Henrici Wagnereck.
Coloniae [Cologne] : Apud Iodocum Kalcovium, 1646.

Both of these editions are annotated by the Jesuit scholar Heinrich Wangnereck (1595-1664).

1647, engraved title page 1650 (Roper), frontispiece


D. Aurelii Augustini Hippon. Episcopi libri XIII Confessionum : ad 3 M.S.S. exemp. emendati, opera et studio R.P.H. Sommalii ...
Coloniae Agrippinae [Cologne] : Sumptibus Cornelii ab Egmond et Sociorum, 1647.

Saint Augustines confessions translated: and with some marginall notes illustrated. Wherein divers antiquities are explained; and the marginall notes of a former popish translation, answered. By William Wats, D.D.
London : printed by T.R. & E.M. for Abel Roper, at the Sun over against St. Dunstans Church in Fleet-street, 1650.

This English version is the second edition of William Watts' translation (first 1631), written in part as a response to the translation of Sir Tobie Matthew printed at the English College of St. Omer in 1620.

1650 (Plantin), engraved title page 1675 (Elzevir), engraved title page


Divi Avrelii Avgvstini Episcopi Hippon. Confessionvm libri XIII.
Antverpiæ [Antwerp] : ex officina Plantiniana Balthasaris Moreti, 1650.

D. Aurelii Augustini Hippon. Episcopi libri XIII Confessionum. Ad 3. MSS. exemp. emendati, opera et studio R.P.H. Sommalii.
Lugduni Batavorum [Leiden, the Netherlands] : Apud Danielem Elzevirium, 1675.

The edition above right is edited by the Jesuit scholar Henricus Sommalius (1534-1619).

1675 (Fricx), title page 1683, engraved title page


Les confessions de S. Augustin, traduites en françois par Arnauld D'Andilly.
Bruxelles [Brussels] : Eug. Henry Fricx, 1675.

D. Aurelii Augustini Hipp. episc. libri XIII Confessionum, ad 3 Mss. exemp. emendati, opera et studio R.P. H. Sommalii è Societate Iesu.
Coloniæ Agrippinæ [Cologne] : Apud Balthasarem ab Egmont et Soc., 1683.

The edition above right is edited by the Jesuit scholar Henricus Sommalius (1534-1619).

1687, title page


Sancti Aurelii Augustini, Hipponensis episcopi. Confessionum libri XIII : emendatissimi et notis illustrati, cum novis in singula capita argumentis.
Parisiis [Paris] : typis & sumptibus Joannis Baptistae Coignard, 1687.