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Incunable, 1482

Sciendu[m] est q[ue] B[ea]tus Augustin[us] in trib[us] vlti/-mis libri[s] [con]fessionu[m] mimis obscur[um] e[st]. : |b [2a] Ex libro retractationu[m] autustini ep[iscop]i. [?.25] Liber p[ri]mus [con]fessionu[m]. s[an]c[ti] Augustini Epi[scopi]. [2b] Incipit hic feliciter. [177b. COLOPHON] Explicit [con]fessionu[m] b[ea]ti augustini liber xiij...
[Cologne : Bartholomaeus de Unkel, 1482].

This is the third incunable edition of The Confessions. An incunable, or incunabulum, is a book printed before 1501.

Falvey Memorial Library acquired this edition in 1994 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the arrival of the Augustinian Order in the United States.

Front cover of Confessions, Cologne: Bartholomaeus de Unkel, 1482. Sample page from Confessions, Cologne: Bartholomaeus de Unkel, 1482.