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Classroom Projects

Classroom projects, as the name implies, are projects that are created as part of a class here at Villanova University. Working with faculty, Digital Library staff bring the experience of sharing cultural heritage materials through a digital platform into a classroom. Library staff provide training, consultation, and digital space, while the students and faculty have complete responsibility for the content and intellectual property rights. Students are assigned content areas to curate and their pages are graded as part of their coursework. These pages may contain links to content outside of villanova.edu -- this external content may change or break over time. Links to external content do not imply endorsement by Villanova University.

ShakespeareIcon.png Verse: Villanova Emends & Reads Shakespeare Edition
The Villanova Emends & Reads Shakespeare Edition (VERSE) is a digital humanities project to allow university students to read, comprehend and appreciate the works of Shakespeare for educational purposes while learning methods for analysis as a scholarly endeavor, including some basic systematic textual and hermeneutical techniques. Curated by: Darren Poley

Music_Icon.png Music in Twentieth Century American History
During the Fall 2016 semester, history majors enrolled in the Junior Research Seminar at Villanova University embarked on a multi-media and interdisciplinary examination of the cultural, social, political, and economic dimensions of music in American history from the end of the Civil War to the early 2000s. Digital Installation: Feb 3, 2017. Curated by: Paul Rosier

RememberingWWI.png Remembering WWI
This class delved into personal accounts of the First World War -- including scrapbooks, postcards, and more -- to bring the war to life and explore how individuals chose to remember such a momentous event. Digital Installation: April 19, 2015. Curated by: Deborah Boyer

GrecoRoman.png Travels Through Greco - Roman Antiquity
An examination of Greek and Roman life based on the imaginary journey of Anacharsis throughout Greece in the fourth century B.C.E. -- from The Travels of Anacharsis the Younger in Greece by Jean Jacques Barthelemy. Digital Installation: February 16, 2015. Curated by: Valentina DeNardis

Ardmore.png The Ardmore Project: Suburban Life in the Early 20th Century
In Fall 2013, Villanova History students in a Junior Research Seminar ventured into the realm of Digital Humanities to reconstruct aspects of life and society in Ardmore, PA during the early twentieth century. Digital Installation: March 11, 2014. Curated by: Craig Bailey

Peru.png El Perú en sus tradiciones, en su historia, en su arte
A unique early 20th-century Peruvian manuscript held at Special Collections in the Falvey Memorial Library transcribed and annotated by a group of twenty undergraduate students in Fall 2013. Digital Installation: April 2, 2014. Curated by: Chad Leahy


Hosted Projects

Hosted projects are maintained by third-parties using webspace and resources provided by the Library. As with the classroom projects, the contributing faculty and/or students are responsible for all content and clearance of all intellectual property rights. These pages may contain links to content outside of villanova.edu -- this external content may change or break over time. Links to external content do not imply endorsement by Villanova University.

ICY.png "A Great Thing for Our People": The Institute for Colored Youth in the Civil War Era
“A Great Thing for Our People,” seeks to tell the early history of the Institute for Colored Youth, its graduates, and how they helped to shape the history of the postwar nation. Digital Installation: February 9, 2015. Curated by: Judith Giesberg

EDD.png "Memorable Days: The Emilie Davis Diaries
Emilie Davis was an African-American woman living in Philadelphia during the U.S. Civil War. This website is a transcription of Emilie’s three pocket diaries for the years 1863, 1864, and 1865. Digital Installation: January 9, 2013. Curated by: Judith Giesberg

black_oral_history.jpgBlack Villanova: An Oral History
A project focusing on the African American student experience at Villanova University throughout the period of roughly 1950-1985. Digital Installation: November 4, 2012. Curated by: Tom Mogan