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  • Mike DiBenedetto, 1964

    Mike DiBenedetto, 1964

  • WWVU, 1964

    WWVU, 1964

  • WWVU, 1962

    WWVU, 1962

  • Flag, 1965

    Flag, 1965

  • WWVU, 1965

    WWVU, 1965

  • Phil Bosche, 1963

    Phil Bosche, 1963

  • WWVU, 1964

    WWVU, 1964

  • 1966


  1960 WWVU announcement.jpg

In 1960, Villanova changed their call letters to WWVU 640 FM. The new name was later accompanied by the subsequent registration with the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and a revamp of facilities. The station was remodeled and took up five rooms in Dougherty Hall. By 1963, WWVU was on seven days a week for nine hours a day. The station played music range from popular rock n roll to jazz, special programs, and Villanova sports events. Whereas, the engineering department had always been heavily involved, there was a lot more emphasis promoting students to work in the radio station for more experience in communications and broadcasting.






The Villanovan, Vol. 36. No. 3, October 5, 1960

WWVU program.jpg           WWVU program 2.jpg           WWVU program 3.jpg

WWVU Radio, April Festival of Music, 1963.

VUA 25 Student Clubs and Organization records, Villanova University Archives



WKVU Top Survey, March 11, 1975

WKVU Radiothon Scrapbook

The seventies brought in new era of Villanova disc-jockeys, full of personality and entertainment.  March 12-16, 1975, radio personality “Ego Ed” (Ed Gallagher, '76) ran a 100 hour radiothon to raise money for muscular dystrophy. The marathon ran for 104 hours and 19 minutes as well as raised $1,650. Ego Ed’s record was broken by Tom Kelly in November 5, 1978 with 120 hours and raising $4,000. Tom’s hours broke American College broadcasting record.

1975 final radiothon.JPG

Ed Gallagher and "Fan Club" near the end of the Radiothon, 1975


Ed Gallagher, 1975

Group 1975.JPG

Radio station group, 1975