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Ladies Union Association Poster

Ladies Union Association Broadside


Union Association


at Concert Hall,

Chestnut, between 12th and 13th.


in aid of sick and wounded


Commencing May 15th,

and will continue two weeks.

A splendid black silk velvet wrapper, cap and slippers, richly embroidered with gold, and lined with rich Crimson Silk to be voted to Generals.

Grant, Sherman, Sheridan or Butler.

Societies or Clubs may vote for whom they choose of these Generals, by contributing 25 cents for each vote cast - a correct register of which will be kept. Any individual may vote by paying 25 cents.

  A life size Oil Painting of


By the celebrated Artist, J.R. Lamedin, Esq.


will be presented to the Society, Club, or Individual, who deposits the greatest number of votes.

A number of handsome OIL PAINTINGS by celebrated Artists will also be sold during the FAIR, for the very laudable purpose above mentioned.

Background Information

The Ladies Union Association commissioned this broadside to advertise a fair held to raise funds for injured United States Colored Troops soldiers. Among the items available for purchase at the fair were a number of patriotic oil paintings.

Image: "American Negro Historical Society," Leon Gardiner Collection [0008B], Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

Link: http://digitallibrary.hsp.org/index.php/Detail/Object/Show/object_id/12363

Ladies Union Association Broadside (Historical Society of Pennsylvania)
Ladies Union Association Broadside (Historical Society of Pennsylvania)


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