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Amphion Choral Society

Amphion Choral Society



Amphion Choral Society

Mr. J. H. Bechtel, Conductor,

Assisted by


Natatorium Hall, East Side Broad St., above Locust,


Tuesday Ev’g, Feb 22nd, 1876

At 8 o’clock


Amphion Choral Society.


Miss Ada Le Count,                                                                     Miss M. Smith,

Miss Inez Cassey,                                                                       Mrs. Julia Purnell,

Miss Camilla Coleman,                                                                Mrs. M. Holland,

Miss Mary Vidal,                                                                          Mr. R. J. Warrick,

Miss Jennie Allmond,                                                                   Mr. W.W. Brooks,

Miss Hester Stewart,                                                                    Mr. R. D. R. Venning,

Miss Martha Johns,                                                                      Mr. A. S. Casey,

Miss Hattie Callis,                                                                        Mr. J. E. Hill,

Mrs. A Bookroum,                                                                        Mr. J. T. Seth,

Miss Jennie Bolivar,                                                                     Mr. J. F. Needham,                        

Miss Dora Cole,                                                                           Mr. Wm. H. Price,

Miss C Le Count,                                                                         Mr. Wm. Warrick,


Philadelphia Quartette Club

Mr. F. J. R. Jones, Violin,  Mr. Aug. Hazzard, Cello,

Mr. E. D. Roland, Violin,  Mr. Ham Moore, Viola and Cornet



Part I.

1. Overture – “Barber of Seville,”…Rossini

2. Chorus – “As the Heart Panteth,”….Mason

3. Duett – “Flight of the Swallows,”….Kucken

4. Solo and Chorus – “The Beautiful Land Immortal,”….

5. Tenor Obligato – “Far, Far, I’m Going,”….

6. Solo and Chorus – “Echoes,”….Geibel

7. Quartette – “O, Evening’s Silver Star,”….Murray

8. Duett – “Sister Birds,”….Bordese

Part II.

1. Chorus – “Show Me Thy Ways,”….Hanchet

2. Quartette IV – a. allegretto, b. andante, …..Pleyel

3. Solo – “Good Night, Farewell,”…Kucken

4. Piano Solo – Selections from “Lucia,”….Ascher

5. Chorus – “The Stars on our Banner,”….Bradbury

6. Quartette – “The Soldier’s Farewell,”….Kinkel

7. Polka De Concert – (Cornet Obligato,)…..Moore

8. Soprano Obligato – “O, ye Tears,”….Root


Background Information

Students and graduates of the Institute were active in community organizations. One such organization was the Amphion Choral Society which performed classical music and included Institute graduates, Caroline LeCount, James Fields Needham, and Frank J.R. Jones.

Image: "American Negro Historical Society Papers," Leon Gardiner Collection [0008B], Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

Link: http://digitallibrary.hsp.org/index.php/Detail/Object/Show/object_id/12362

Amphion Choral Society Program (Historical Society of Pennsylvania)
Amphion Choral Society Program (Historical Society of Pennsylvania)


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