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Account of 1862 Graduation

The Institute for Colored Youth.
The Christian Recorder, May 10, 1862

The examination of the pupils of the Institute for Colored Youth came off on Tuesday last, under the principal and teachers of said school. We can say that we were highly pleased with the exercises, and that the examination was one of the most brilliant that has ever been since the commencement of the school, as they teach some branches they never taught before. The scholars deserve much credit for the manner in which they acquitted themselves. On Wednesday, and in the evening of the same day, the Rhetorical and Elocutionary exercises of the Alumni came off. At 11 o’clock, A.M., Miss Estellena Johnson read an essay or poem, which was well timed, and read with much ease.

Octavo Catto was next introduced, who delivered an able address, or eulogy, on the late J.E. Glascow, who was a graduate of the Institute for Colored Youth. Prof. E. Bassett, the principal of the school, concluded the exercises by a very able oration, and what may be considered a masterly effort. We disagree a little with some parts of the theory brought to bear upon our minds.

Background Information

On May 6-7, 1862, the Institute for Colored Youth held its annual examination and graduation ceremonies. The Christian Recorder covered the event again, but despite the praise for the students the account is not as detailed as in other years.

Account of 1862 Graduation
Account of 1862 Graduation


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