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This page brings together the digital projects of Falvey Memorial Library's Distinctive Collections and Digital Engagement Department.

Special Projects

These projects have a larger scale than our usual online exhibits and represent multi-year collaborations with people outside the library.

The Voices of Villanova's Veterans Icon The Voices of Villanova's Veterans
This oral history project captures the stories of veterans with connections to Villanova. A joint project with the Office of Veterans and Military Service Members. Launch Date: November 12, 2019
Projecting the World Icon Projecting the World: An Audio Tour of the John F. Smith, III and Susan B. Smith Antique Map Collection
This website provides a virtual tour of the Smith Antique Map Collection, pairing digital images of maps and illustrations from the 16th through 21st centuries with audio commentary from their collector, Mr. Smith. Launch date: July 27, 2020
Home Before the Leaves Fall Home Before the Leaves Fall: The Great War 1914 - 1918
This collaborative project was a multi-institutional project highlighting materials and resources on the Great War, to mark the centennial of that conflict, with articles curated by individual scholars and experts. (This project is no longer actively updated.) Launch date: June 28, 2014.


Digital Exhibits

Exhibits are designed to educate, inform, and entertain viewers both about the topic and the set of documents. These exhibits feature research and images drawing from our collections and occasionally supplemented by materials from other institutions. Some digital exhibits replicate and/or complement physical exhibits, while others are digital originals. For information about current and past physical exhibits in the library, visit the Special Collections Exhibits page.

Exhibits are curated by library staff, interns, and faculty and staff from other departments. An exhibit is often a team endeavor from the selection of documents and the writing of didactic text, to the design and presentation of the graphic environment.

Latest Exhibit

Divinity Icon Divine Inspiration: Revealing the Sacred in Biblical Texts and Imagery
This exhibit features historic bibles and supplemental materials from Special Collections, with an emphasis on textual revolutions and biblical illustration. Digital installation date: March 27, 2024. Curated by Meg Piorko and Mike Sgier.


Sound Icon The New Collegiate Sound
Explore the history of radio on campus from the early days as radio club in the 1920s to today as a FCC-Licensed campus radio station. Digital Installation date: October 11, 2022. Curated by Beaudry Rae Allen.

Junior Week Icon Blazers & Class Rings: Junior Week at Villanova
Take a peek into Villanova traditions from the past with this digital exhibit that explores one of the most popular week-long events on campus, Junior Week. The honored tradition of Juniors receiving their senior blazers, class ring, celebrating all things Junior, and of course a special visit from Mother. Digital Installation: May 24, 2021. Curated by Beaudry Rae Allen.

Scraps for Keeps Icon "Scraps for Keeps": Scrapbooks and Photo Albums from Distinctive Collections
This exhibit looks at a sampling of scrapbooks and photo albums from Falvey Memorial Library's Distinctive Collections. Digital Installation: December 20, 2019. Curated by: Laura Bang

Zoo Icon Animals Through Human Eyes: Vintage Zoological Illustrations
This exhibit presents a selection of animal illustrations and examines how humans view and interact with different categories of animals. Digital Installation: March 27, 2018. Curated by: Marjorie Haines.

Russian Icon Blood & Soul: The Russian Revolutions of 1917
Commemorating the 100th Anniversaries of the 1917 Russian revolutions and the enthronement of St. Patriarch Tikhon of Moscow. Video Release: February 17, 2017. Curated by: F. John J. Perich

Are We There Yet Icon Are We There Yet? Travel, Tourism, & Exploration
This exhibit highlights some of the travel-related materials in Falvey Library’s Special Collections. Digital Installation: October 11, 2016. Curated by: Kayla Van Osten & Laura Bang

dime.jpg Paper for the People: Dime Novels and Early Mass Market Publishing
An overview of the diverse and action-packed fiction that provided one of the most popular forms of entertainment from the mid-19th to early-20th century. Digital Installation: June 6, 2013. Curated by: Demian Katz

mcgarrity.jpgJoseph McGarrity: Man of Action; Man of Letters
This exhibit explores the lesser-known side of the influential Philadelphia-based Irish republican leader Joseph McGarrity as a man of letters. Digital Installation: July 12, 2012. Curated by Brian J. McDonald

fenian_icon.jpgTorn Between Brothers: A look at the internal division that weakened the Fenian Brotherhood
This exhibit highlights the Fenian Brotherhood collection housed in the Villanova University Digital Library. Digital Installation: May 3, 2011. Curated by: Jean Turner.

rambles_icon.jpgRambles, Sketches, Tours: Travellers & Tourism in Ireland
Take a tour through Ireland in this exhibit of Irish travel writing from the Joseph McGarrity Collection of Special Collections. Digital Installation: October 19, 2010. Curated by: Laura Bang.

lane_icon.jpgHistory Between the Pages: The Life of Samuel A. Lane
This exhibit highlights the exciting journey of one man’s life through the zeitgeist of the 19th century. Digital Installation: July 1, 2009. Curated by: Johanna Hibbs.


Polar Icon "That Fairyland of Ice": Polar Exploration in Mind and Memory
This exhibit highlights the James Wheeler collection of books and items about the Arctic and Antarctic regions. Digital Installation: January 2022. Curated by: Laura Bang and Rebecca Oviedo

Daly Icon Rediscovering T. A. Daly: Immigrant Voices in Poetry
Explore the poetry and prose of Philadelphia author and Villanova alumnus Thomas Augustine Daly. Digital Installation: April 30, 2021. Curated by: Rebecca Oviedo

Mini Exhibits Icon Mini Exhibits: Bite-size Exhibits on a Variety of Topics
Bite-size exhibits on a variety of topics. Digital Installation: Ongoing. Curated by: Various

Villanova Theatre Icon Be Not Afraid of Greatness, Celebrating the History of Villanova Theatre
Distinctive Collections invites you to celebrate the history of Villanova Theatre with a digital exhibit of the March 2020 physical exhibit. Digital Installation: May 15, 2020. Curated by: Beaudry Rae Allen

NovaStroies Icon Nova Stories: Campus Life from the 1960s
This exhibit is a selection of University Archives material highlighting campus life in the 1960s. Digital Installation: May 17, 2019. Curated by Beaudry Rae Allen.

Wildcat Icon Wildcats Past and Present
This exhibit highlights the sports history of the University, in conjunction with the 175th anniversary of Villanova (1842-2017), by highlighting materials held in Falvey Library’s Special Collections and University Archives. Digital Installation: September 5, 2017. Curated by Susan Ottignon.

This exhibit presents a selection of advertisements from the 19th and early 20th centuries that appeared in American print newspapers and magazines from the Digital Library@Villanova University. Digital Installation: December 31, 2016. Curated by: Susan Ottignon

EasterIcon To Strike for Freedom! The 1916 Easter Rising
A commemoration of the 100-year anniversary of Ireland’s 1916 Easter Rising that highlights its American connections using materials from the Joseph McGarrity Collection. Digital Installation: March 16, 2016. Curated by: Staff

dante.jpgDante Illustrated
This exhibit highlights several illustrated editions of the Divine Comedy owned by Falvey Memorial Library, Special Collections. Digital Installation: October 26, 2012. Curated by: Diane Biunno

riots_icon.jpgChaos in the Streets: The Philadelphia Riots of 1844
Travel back in time to the Philadelphia Riots of 1844 from Villanova University's Digital Library. Digital Installation: December 8, 2011. Curated by Karla Irwin.

confessions_icon.jpgTolle lege: The Confessions of St. Augustine
This exhibit highlights editions of Augustine's Confessions held in Special Collections. Digital Installation: November 3, 2010. Curated by: Laura Bang.

jby_icon.jpgJack Butler Yeats: Drawings & Illustrations
This exhibit focuses on the drawings and illustrations of Jack B. Yeats found in Special Collections materials. Digital Installation: January 14, 2009. Curated by: Róisín Corry Roche.

ArchiveIcon.pngLibrary Exhibits Archive
These pages contain archives of early digitized material from Falvey Library exhibitions, 2004-2007. Curated by: Various.


Classroom & Hosted Projects

From 2012 to 2017, Distinctive Collections piloted a digital humanities and digital scholarship program in conjunction with members of the University community. You can view a list of these projects here: Classroom & Hosted Projects. The library has since created a full-scale Digital Scholarship program, where you can learn more and see current projects.