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Hunger Strike in British Prisons 1913-1940


With only 9 recorded strikes spread over 7 prisons, 1927 had the fewest number of hunger strikes in the record. As the tables below show, only one strike lasted more than a week, Joseph Mottram's 11 day strike during which he claimed that he "does not want food." Prisons officials only fed 4 out of the 9 prisoners. 

There is no evidence of coordinated group strikes, especially given the small number of strikes and how spread out they were (no prison had more than 2 strikes). There were also no real notable strikes in the record. Each of the nine prisoners was convicted of some form of robbery, and the reasons for striking, if listed, were either personal complaints or protests against their situation in prison. 

Duration of Strikes

This table includes all 9 strikes from 1927.

1927 Strikes

First page of the 1927 strikes
Second page of the 1927 strikes