El Perú en sus tradiciones
en su historia
en sus artes

This Edition


Snippet52.pngThis edition of El Perú en sus tradiciones, en su historia, en su arte presents a diplomatic transcription of the manuscript, currently housed in Special Collections, Falvey Memorial Library, Villanova University. This is a unique manuscript, with no other known manuscript or print versions.


The manuscript is a fair copy, written in ink, with very few errors. Strikethroughs are occasionally used in the manuscript to indicate errant letters, and our transcription reflects such cases (i.e., “sus”), accompanied by explanatory annotations. Other annotations are reserved for the clarification of lexical and historical doubts, and, where possible, for the identification of the author’s source material. In rare cases where punctuation has been omitted in the manuscript, this has been supplied in brackets, to facilitate comprehension (i.e., “[.]”). Orthography in the manuscript generally follows current normative conventions. Where deviations from standard spellings do occur, these have been indicated by “[sic]” to avoid any potential confusion. With respect to the spelling of quechua words, the manuscript presents considerable variations (i.e., “Ccapacc” versus “Capacc” versus “Capac”). All original quechua orthography has been respected.

To create the website, the transcription and annotation created by the students was converted into TEI format using the Oxygen XML Editor. From there, the TEI was futher converted into HTML and auto-loaded into the site's CMS (in this case, Concrete5) via a custom designed plug-in. Further formatting and responsive design elements were coded into the theme via JQuery. Twitter Boostrap was used as the base for the custom theme.

All images, graphic and colors on the site have been taken directly from the source document.