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Gustave Doré, Biblical Illustrator

Gustave Doré, Biblical Illustrator

The artistic prodigy and enormously prolific French artist Gustave Doré (d. 1832-1883) had already achieved acclaim for his journalistic and literary artwork, including illustrated works of Dante and Shakespeare, before embarking upon his project to illustrate the Bible. Doré would forever leave his mark upon biblical illustration with the publication of La Grande Bible de Tours (1866), which included 241 completely original illustrations in its first edition.

Doré’s biblical legacy would not have been possible without the twenty-seven engravers who brought Doré’s drawings to life through detailed engravings. Doré and his collaborators illuminated classic biblical stories with a dynamic and dramatic style befitting the modern era.

Incredibly popular in his own time, Doré's large folio bibles continue to be highly sought after today. His renowned biblical illustrations were widely disseminated among publishers and can be found within other bibles on display in this exhibit.

Portrait of Doré by Nadar, c. 1867