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Unusual Steeds

Unusual Steeds


Elephant Canopy

'Il Mistero Indiano,' from Lord Lister (Raffles), No. 36, selection from front cover, 1948, published by Nerbini: Florence, Italy

The elephant offers a very esteemed and ostentatious mode of transportation, even without all the extravagant tackings adorned upon it. In this cover illustration, the gentleman thief Lord Lister climbs up to the canopy saddle of the elephant. The dressings on the beast, fan-bearers, banners, and great fanfare supplement the pomp of the scene. Also note the cut and capped tusks of the elephant, removing the possibility of impalement.



Camel Rider

'Attraverso il deserto,' from Petrosino: Il Grande Poliziotto Italo-Americano, No. 3, selection from front cover, c. 1948-1949, published by Nerbini: Florence, Italy

Petrosino, the Italian Sherlock Holmes, here chooses a camel over a horse as his riding animal because he knows that that the former runs faster than the latter. The height advantage afforded by the camelid also aids Petrosino, as shown in his fight with a horse-riding man in Eastern dress.