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Racing and Fighting

Racing and Fighting



Public Ledger, Color Supplement, selection from front cover, Sept. 21 1919, published by Public Ledger Company: Philadelphia, USA

The Philadelphia Country Club, at its foundation, focused on the popular pastime of the time: polo.[1] Like racing, this sport requires acute communication between horse and rider. The similarities between the two sports more-or-less end there. Polo involves opposing teams rather than individuals, and the game, especially within an enclosed arena, requires maneuverability over speed.



A Splendid Dog Race

The National Police Gazette, Vol. LIX, No. 744, selection from p. 8, Dec. 12 1891, published by Police Gazette Publishing House: New York, USA

Animal racing not only offered the possibility of financial gain through spectator gambling, but also through owning the winning runner. The master moreover wins honor in breeding, owning, or even possibly training the creature to such standards. This newsletter announces the lucky winner Blair Athol, apparently already well-known and likely a previous winner, who received a gold dog collar.



Bull Fighting

Petrosino: Il Grande Poliziotto Italo-Americano, No. 32, selection from front cover, c. 1948-1949, published by Nerbini: Florence, Italy

Petrosino, the Sherlock Holmes of Italy, makes a grand scene in grabbing the bull by the horns. The animal, ready to kill the bullfighter, instead tussles with the policeman, whose primary advantage lies in the beast’s severe blood loss. The story depicts the bull as pitch black with bloody eyes, the epitome of malevolence, amplified by the apparent rage expressed through the bull’s bellowing and blowing. The struggle which the bullfighter faces with such a ferocious animal makes the show appealing to spectators. Although the audience yearns for the risk, they also anticipate the ultimate victory of the man.



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